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Didn’t she steal this from a Black Tumble post……

Does it matter where she got it from, though? She’s supporting Black feminists…

I’m 100% sure she has the ability to cite her sources instead of plagiarizing a Black Woman’s work. We do not need “support” that erases our words.
Those are not her words.

White feminists being white and stealing shit from Black people. Who knew.

Yes it’s important. Yes it matters. The author should be given credit for her work or it is plagiarizing. You can  plagiarzes people on tumblr. 
We did not starting writing about our lives for some random white person to take our stories and get paid.

OMG, the irony.  A White Feminist, plagiarizing the words of black feminists, which are expressing criticism of white feminists.  I can’t take it.

Look somewhat like my old English teacher

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personal post about life and stuff pls dont reblog thank u

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Avocados doing yoga.